Basics Of Electric Motors 

If you are expecting to buy an electric motor for your domestic or commercial use, it’s important to know what they, how they operate and the different types available.

An electric motor can best be described as a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. In simple terms, an electric motor acts as a crossing point or boundary between the electrical system and the mechanical regime of a facility. 

This type of motor is a vital part of any electrical system. Electric motors are usually used in offices, manufacturing plants, and homes. They consume around 64 percent of all electricity produced.

There are various types of electric motors, and each motor has different working characteristics. Motor for various applications is often picked according to the features that they possess.

Basics of Electric Motors

Electric motors can be powered by either alternating current (AC) or by direct current(DC). A good example of alternative current could be power generators, and an example of a direct current could be car batteries. 

Alternative Current (AC) Motor Parts

The basics elements for an alternative current (AC) include:

Enclosure- Consists of a bearing housing and a yoke or a frame. The enclosure holds the motor’s parts together and safeguards the interior parts of a motor from inhibitors and moisture. 

Stator- This is the inactive area of the motor’s electromagnetic circuit. It is the electrical circuit that works like an electromagnet. The stator consists of two vital parts; the stator core and the stator windings. 

Rotor- This is the rotating area of the electric motor’s electromagnetic circuit. A magnetic field from the stator creates a negative magnetic field onto the rotor forcing it to move away from the stator field.

Bearings- Bearings are usually used to support the rotor and enable it to move freely. There is a wide selection of bearings available on the market, and the type and size of the bearing used in a motor will depend on its load carrying capacity, in-relation to the load to be carried. Its lifespan and reliability is also a vital factor to consider.

Conduit box- This is a point of connection of the motor’s stator windings and the electrical power.

Eye bolt- The eye bolt is used to lift weighty electric motors with a crane or a hoist to prevent it from getting damaged.

Direct Current (DC) Motor Parts

Stator- This part is used for carrying the poles and filed winding. The rotor and the stator make the core or magnetic circuit of the motor.

Rotor- The rotor is used to carry the frame (armature) winding. 

Armature winding- This part revolves in the magnetic field created at the field winding. An armature winding is a non-stop winding; this means that it has no start or end. It’s made up of some twists in series.

Commutator- The commutator revolves with the rotor and is responsible for rectifying the induced current and voltage in the armature winding.

Teeth/slot- Non-conducting teeth/slot liners are usually wedged between the teeth walls and the coils to provide mechanical support, protection from scratches and to provide further electrical insulation.

group of motors of various sizes and power

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Massage Therapy For Children With Chronic Illnesses

massage for children

 If your kid or another young kid is suffering from chronic illnesses, you may want to recommend routine massage therapy. It is no way to live in pain and suffer from chronic diseases when so young. No matter what the age is, when one is ill so often, he or she is most likely suffering from stress.

Stress is known to create even more symptoms in those with chronic illnesses– even children. When one has to endure frequent hospitalizations, painful and uncomfortable treatments, restrictions on a diet, as well as daily activities, can all take its toll on the child. The beautiful thing about massage is that it reduces stress hormone levels and provides a positive in one’s life during so many negative happenings. Having something very positive in a young child’s life is vital.

If you are a parent and your baby is suffering from chronic illnesses, massage can help the two of you bond. You will spend some quality time together in a peaceful environment. The two of you may even decrease the anxiety you both may have. Once in a routine, the two of you will enjoy this quality time together. (This also works for a husband and wife relationship.)

If your child has diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and skin problems, when stressed out he or she will only exacerbate the symptoms. This happens because he/she is increasing his/her stress hormone level and the symptoms begin to increase. A healthy massage for a mere 15 minutes per day can make a huge difference in a child’s life.

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It has been studied and known that massage has improved blood sugar levels in children with diabetes. Those children suffering from asthma benefit from the improved pulmonary function. Children with Rheumatoid arthritis and suffering from joint pain have decreased joint pain when one receives massages. Also, a child that suffers from a skin condition such as eczema is improved when one is regularly massaged.

Our “killer cells” are traveling through our body looking for foreign objects and tumors to destroy. When your child is suffering from chronic illnesses and regularly receives a massage therapy, these killer cells are boosted. The healthier the “killer cells”, the healthier the person.

If your child in his or her teens suffers from bulimia, massage can help with improved body image. Anxiety and depression symptoms also are lowered due to massage. If you have not given your child a massage before his/her teens, he or she will most likely prefer going to a massage therapist versus having his/her parent perform the massage.This is acceptable even for the fact of professionalism in performing a massage therapy.

Massage for children with chronic diseases has so many benefits. Boost your child’s self-esteem, lower stress, improve health, bond together, lower anxiety and depression, lower blood sugar in diabetes, improve lung function for those children with asthma, lower joint pain, improve skin conditions, etc. One should still seek health issue questions from his or her doctor. Massage will just add to the benefit of keeping your child healthy.

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Why A Plumber Is Better Than A Handyman

Selecting between a professional plumber and a local handyman will be your biggest question when you need a plumbing repair. Before making a decision, you must understand the difference between a plumber and a handyman. The latter may be the appropriate choice in some cases. But, you must hire a professional plumbing expert for plumbing repairs. Water damages can cause physical inconvenience and a very costly blow to your finances.

Duties of a Handyman

Usually, a handyman is a multi-skilled tradesman who can perform lots of tasks in a house. Basic plumbing maintenance and simple repairs, carpentry and electric work can be handled by a handyman because he will have the right tool to do these tasks. The skill set of a handyman covers a broad range of trades, which include:

• Painting door and windows
• Laying laminate flooring
• Fixing a floorboard creak
• Fitting smoke alarms and blinds
• Filling cracks in wood and plaster
• Changing locks
• Installing a washing machine or dishwasher
• Fixing dripping taps and toilet flush mechanisms
• Unclogging drains
• Renewing old tile grout
• Mowing the lawn and basic gardening
• Replacing electrical sockets
• Repairing light fittings
• Wiring light switches
• Fixing cupboard door hinges
• Putting up shelves
• Hanging doors
• Installing furniture
• Mounting plasma screens

Most handymen offer a variety of services, and they do not require significant qualifications to perform these tasks. Hiring a handyman is not so expensive, and they do not have proper training in any particular area. Usually, they are not licensed, and they may not have liability insurance to protect the customers if they cause damages while making a repair. Though the service of a handyman is cheaper than a professional plumber, their service is riskier. The service of handymen is even prohibited in some areas. So, the law will not permit them to perform major plumbing repairs

Importance of Hiring a Professional Plumbing Repair Service

Professional plumbers will have in-depth knowledge and a better understanding regarding how to deal with severe plumbing problems like a blockage. If these problems are not repaired correctly, they will cause additional damages from leaks or ruptured pipes. If you hire a professional plumber for doing these tasks, you can enjoy peace of mind. A trained and licensed plumbing professional can handle the job correctly. Licensed plumbers must undergo 4-5 years of apprenticeship and theory program to become a plumber. Plumbing course trains them to handle plumbing jobs, and they learn municipal and state codes for plumbing.

After completing the course, a plumber has to pass an exam to get a state license, which is essential for working in a the state. Plumbing codes and equipment change regularly. So, the licensed plumbers need to update their knowledge and skills with continuing education courses.

So, you must hire a specialist plumber if the job is very complicated. But, some most minor tasks can be handled by a handyman. But, if you need major repair on tiling, plumbing, roofing, air conditioning, or heating, you must seek the service of a licensed professional with greater expertise in a respective area. You must hire a specialist, if you want to:

• Repair Boilers
• Fit kitchen counters
• Replace roof tiles
• Plaster entire walls
• Fix sewer back-flow and slab leaks
• Fit wooden flooring
• Install power showers
• Landscape gardening
• Decorate interiors
• Modify or install electrical lines
• Wallpapering and large painting jobs

The service of a handyman is becoming extinct these days because homeowners and business managers prefer to hire licensed professionals to do even the most minor repairs. Insurance and liability considerations are the primary factors behind it. Everybody wants to avoid legal obligations when a worker gets hurt in their home. If you hire a professional contractor, he/she can provide you a warranty to cover accidents, mistakes, and theft.

When it comes to plumbing, most people prefer to hire a specialist over a handyman. Though a faucet or toilet leak looks simple, it may not be so. Only a licensed plumber can correct these types of damages correctly. You should consider the scope of your project when you decide to hire a handyman or a licensed professional. If the task is simple and it can be performed by yourself, you can hire the service of a handyman. But, if the work is major, you should seek the help of a qualified professional.

You must always think about the major differences between a handyman and a licensed professional. The cost of hiring a licensed professional is very high than a handyman. In fact, you are paying more for their professionalism and experience. Even though the service is costly, you will get the best service from the licensed and experienced professionals.

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Why Kiawah Island vacation rental properties are better than hotels!

Dining room in a home

People will tell you that there’s a good reason vacation rentals are taking over from hotels as the rental property of choice. They’re almost right. In fact, there are many good reasons. Some people will want a vacation villa, some will prefer a vacation condo, and some will only desire a comfortable vacation home. What links each and every one of these is the incredible value they represent, a value that you just can’t get nearby staying in hotels. Let’s break this down and look at what vacation rental properties have going for them:

Better value

Everyone has noticed that hotel room prices have been going up and up in recent years. Even if you’re only taking a short vacation, hotel costs are now a real problem for many people. You also only get a limited amount of space, usually just one bedroom and a small, cramped bathroom. For a similar price with a vacation rental home, you can have so much more. You’ll have the flexibility that’s offered by multiple bedrooms – often not just two, but three or more. The kitchen will also be far better equipped than the kitchen in most hotels, so you can cook healthy meals yourself. Given the cost of eating out all the time, that’s another big saving.

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More privacy

In a hotel, if you want to go for a swim, the chances are that you’ll be doing so in a pool that’s open to all the establishment’s guests. The same will go for other common spaces such as dining rooms and lobbies, and even beaches if you’re on the shore. At night, you may have trouble getting to sleep because of the neighbors making noise – and you’ll worry that they can hear everything you say, too. None of this will be a problem with a high-quality rental home. If you pick carefully, you’ll often find them situated in secluded, restful parts of town, and many will have not only their private pools but beaches as well. With your living room to enjoy, you’ll also have a space where you can relax like you never could in a hotel.

Perfect for kids and pets

A lot of hotels won’t accept pets at all, and if they do they’ll often require a hefty surcharge for them. With a rental home, there’s likely to be a lot more freedom in taking your best animal friends along with you. Even some properties that advertise themselves as “no pets” may well stretch a point and let you keep a small dog or cat for a while. You’ll need to put down a deposit, but it should still be easier than in a hotel. As for kids, the extra space that a vacation rental property provides is perfect for energetic children. They’ll get a bedroom of their own, usually a living room, and maybe even a backyard to play in. You won’t have to keep them under your feet so that you know they’re safe!

You can pack lighter

Not many people enjoy packing for a vacation, and even fewer enjoy having to carry heavy suitcases around. Rent a vacation condo instead of booking a hotel and you’ll discover you can do without a lot of that weight. For a start, you won’t need to take so many sets of clothes – the property will have its washer and dryer, so you’ll be able to get that favorite shirt clean to wear again while you’re on your trip. For the same reason, you’ll also be able to avoid carrying a whole heap of used laundry back with you and having to wash it all when you get home. Just having cases that don’t weigh a ton makes a vacation rental the obvious choice.

Vacation rental bedroom with skylight

Greater comfort

Even the best hotel rooms just can’t match up to the comfort you get in a real home – and a vacation rental condo or house is a real home. There’s no need to put up with the sterile feel of an overpriced hotel room, or with a living space that’s smaller than you need. If you’d like a fully furnished house, complete with features such as hot tubs, private pools, and even privileges to play the local golf course, then you can have them. You only have to look at the many photos online of gorgeous vacation homes to see that their kitchens and living rooms – as well as their bedrooms – are in another league to those in hotels.

They’re not just boxes

Even if you luck out and find a hotel in the perfect location for an affordable price, you can’t get away from the fact that your room will be just like a hundred others in the same block – and a thousand others in the same town. However romantic your destination, it’s hard to feel excited about an annoying box. Rent a vacation home and all that goes out of the window. If you want a French villa with 300 years of history, you can have it. If you want to feel like a lord of the manor in an English castle, you can have that too. There are as many options as there are vacation rental homes, and one of them is going to be the perfect fit. You really can live your dream and make your vacation one you’ll never forget.

No hidden costs

Sure, you can watch movies in a hotel room – but they may end up costing you as much as $15 – a huge markup on their actual value In a rental vacation home, you can watch DVDs whenever you want on the TV that’s provided with the property, and you won’t pay a penny more for the privilege. You won’t be hit with an unwelcome added charge at the end of your stay, either, as everything will have been included in the price you agreed. Valet parking in a hotel can hit you for as much as $200 a week – imagine what you could do with that money to make your vacation even more memorable! However you look at it, there’s only one winner in the match-up between vacation rental properties and hotels – and it isn’t hotels.

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lhuge living area with trees out the massive window and natural wood accents

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People sell their homes and property for different reasons. Whichever reason you may have for selling your home, it must be one that you think is best for you. Before selling your property, you ought to take your time to think about the decision you’re about to make.It’s a good idea to sell your property and buy a bigger one in cases where your current home is no longer suitable for your family. Sometimes people also sell their property to get quick cash so as to bail them out; it could be to offset debt or cater for medical bills. The choices you make can either make your life easier your burden or make your life unbearable.

Here is some advice on the mistakes to avoid when selling your home:

Over valuing your home-Quoting a very high price that does not match the quality of your home is basically `suicide` so to speak. This is because you will scare off your potential clients with the price and those interested will be put off by the look of your home. Everyone wants to get value for their money when purchasing everything no matter how small. For this reason, you as a property seller should put yourself in the buyers’ shoes; this will enable you to price your home reasonably.

Dishonesty- As aforementioned, people tend to sell their homes for various reasons. There are those who choose to sell their homes due to some issues like leaking roofs and dysfunctional systems such as the HVAC system. Not telling your potential buyers about the real condition of your home so as to reap more is a serious offence and portrays a lack of professionalism. Once a potential client notices that you as a seller had the intention of tricking them into buying a substandard home, they will not consider your home. This may lead to serious repercussions as the case in a scenario where they tell their friends not to buy anything from you. You earn yourself a bad reputation as well as lose out on a lot of cash.

Flat Fee Realtor –

Negligence-Upon deciding that you want to sell your home, you should check your house thoroughly for any pending repairs. You should also put in extra effort to ensure your house looks better than it did. The real estate world has many players and every day; many people are seeking to sell their homes. To get ahead of your competition, you need to go the extra mile. You could do this by installing new cabinets; have hardwood tile flooring, patio, and deck repairs among others. It may cost you a little more than expected but let’s be honest here, the more you invest in your property, the more the chances you have to get that money back. It’s a risk worth taking.

Not engaging a realtor-A lot goes into home selling then you possibly see. That is why it is unadvisable to go through the home selling journey alone. You may not even have the slightest knowledge about real estate and therefore, stand high chances of taking the wrong turn. Engaging the realtor will not only take the burden off you but also ensure you get the best deals around. The broker will handle the marketing, research and client filtering for you.

Selling your home is a big decision in life. Make sure you get the right advice before walking this journey!

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